Our Vision is to bring comfort, hope & benevolent relief to disadvantaged groups including young people, women, children & people with disabilities & the poor. 

In Australia


  1. Finding permanent housing for homeless.

  2. Providing nutrition and budget support for families and individuals.

  3. Provide rehabilitation to young people who are involved in justice system.

  4. Providing counselling for domestic violence victims and drug and alcohol.

  5. Provide shelter and short-term/crisis accommodation.

  6. Prepare young people for future employment by providing job ready skills and opportunities for future employment.

  7. To identify talents and encourage talent growth including art, sport and others.

  8. Excursions and playcentre groups.

  9. Food and clothing relief.


​Here at Comfort Care we strive to do our best by providing everyone with a non-jugdemental space. We like to come together as a community and help support everyone in need, wiether it be going to a support group activity or support finding a permanent home we are always there to help. 

Current CCF Projects in Victoria


Transitional Homeless Home

CCF is opening a transitional homeless home in Wyndham, Victoria for men, women & young people. In the near future, we are planning to open separate transition homes for men, women, young people and families who have experienced domestic violence.


Support Groups

  1. Comfort Care Foundation run a variety of different groups for men, women and children.

  2. We run a support group- “CCF Motivation Corner”every first Thursday of the month. Men and Women of all ages are invited to come and share food, socialise and make new friends. 

  3. Comfort Care Foundation runs a playgroup every last Thursday of the month at the Bumble Beez indoor play centre in Werribee. CCF provide finger food to kids and encourage social connections. Playgroups are great way for the mums to get out, know each other while kids enjoy their play.

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