My name is Connie and I was born in Tanzania (Iringa). Iringa region is located in the Southern part of Tanzania. I left Tanzania to New Zealand one year after I completed High School. I have three boys-John Mark, Timothy & Christian. Whom I love so much.

My passion comes from God and my parents (Timothy & Rose) who taught me and my 12 siblings to put God first and embrace education. I remember my dad lightly told us (13 children) “I have no other inheritance to give you but education”. Since then, both mum (Rose) and dad (Timothy) have worked hard to ensure sure that all the 13 children achieve some form of education and skills to help us gain financial independence and fight against poverty.


My Bible verses behind this vision are: 


Isaiah 40:1 -"Comfort, comfort my people, says your God" 

Micah 6:8 -"What does the LORD require of you? To act justly, to love mercy and to walk humbly with your God".

Jeremiah 29:11-"For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future".

I have come from humble beginnings with difficult upbringing but with God’s help, I worked hard from primary to high school education and was able to go to a ‘Selective Girls High School’ and later gained scholarship through The Lutheran World Federation (Geneva) to travel to New Zealand (Auckland) to do a Bachelor of Ministries Degree at Bible College of New Zealand (1996-1998). In October 2000, my family and I migrated to Australia (Sydney) and we now call Australia home.

With God’s help, passion for justice, and motivation from my parents, I now have the following qualifications:

Ph.D. Candidate
MPhil Education
Masters of Educational Leadership
Masters of Industrial Relations Human Resources Management
Postgraduate Diploma in Education (Educational Administration) 
Bachelor of Ministries (Arts)
Diploma in Case Management
Certificate IV in Workplace Training & Assessment

(Bachelor of Arts), Diploma in Case Management and Certificate IV in Workplace Training and Assessment respectively. I am also currently enrolled in a Ph.D. Program with Monash University. My topic is “Down-Skilling African Migrants Down under A Case for Economic Participation” It’s an investigation into ways in which African Migrants negotiate cultural differences, inequalities, racializing practices & their reconversion strategies in transitioning into training & employment opportunities in Australia.

Whilst I was in High School (Msalato Girls Selective High) located in the Central part of Tanzania (Dodoma). I was elected as the National Secretary for the Christian Fellowship in Tanzania (UKWATA). I represented Tanzania to a few countries in Africa including Kenya, Ethiopia, and Zimbabwe and was elected into the African subcommittee which made me represent my Christian youth organization at the head office in Nairobi Kenya a few times. It was at this time that my passion to serve the LORD and young people was put in my heart.

However, my life journey to this date has been a long and difficult one indeed. Before and whilst at Bible College, I was very much involved with the Lord and was involved in preaching, pastoral care, home group, and church but things changed after my marriage in 1998. I must admit that I have made some poor decisions especially in areas past relationships (my marriage ended in 2003) and other relationships that almost destroyed me. I have experienced serious domestic violence that ended me in women’s refuge with young kids. However, I have learned to trust in the Lord and the prophesy that come out of a Homegroup (Bible study group) I attended in Auckland New Zealand through a man of God called Graham Keys who stated that “my real ministry is still a long way to go and I will go through another-life Bible college before God will raise me again for ministry” at that time, I didn’t like the prophecy but it was true and came to pass!

Furthermore, on several occasions, I have wanted to give up but my boys (John Mark, Timothy, and Christian) are the greatest gift from God and they are my heroes as they have kept me going until today and I will never give up on me, the boys and social justice!


I would like to see the young people coming to Comfort High School equipped mentally, spiritually, and socially. Comfort High School is aimed at providing quality education with the principles of God, social justice, and love for all mankind.


I would like to Thank God for giving me life, forgiveness, the gift of salvation, and the vision and passion to serve Him through Comfort Care Foundation (CCF and High School Project.

I would like to acknowledge my dad (Timothy) and mum (Rose) for raising me up in the ways of God, I would like to thank them for giving basic education that opened many doors and opportunities, I would like to thank them for their prayers and encouragement to serve God and others through CCF and the school project.

I would also like to thank my boys, John Mark, Timothy, and Christian, for keeping me going, for their on-going, support, encouragement, and their thoughtful long and sometimes very short prayers!

I would like to thank my brother Enock who helped in purchasing the land and is still assisting in the ownership processes. I would like to thank my sister Deborah who has always been there with me from deciding on the vision, searching for the possible land. I would like to thank my brother Ernest who has developed most documents and continuing to follow- up with government departments to date. I would like to thank my sister Rehema for always being there when needed. I would like to thank you Alain Mpoyi for joining the vision and assisting with graphic design, web development, and many others. 

I would like to thank my local church in Tanzania and Australia, Pastor Paul Mtakimwa for their prayers and support.

I would like to thank all my friends in Australia, special thanks to Connie Bee for their love, support, encouragement, and prayers.


Thank you for taking the time to read our vision and God bless

With lots of love & and care

Connie Sivaly-Founder/President-CCF

“Because We Care”

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